Sliding Windows

sliding windowsThe Sliding Windows is made up of two (or more) sashes that slide horizontally, to the left or to the right, on aluminium tracks for improved ventilation. The window sashes can be made wider and taller with the addition of sashes.


A horizontal sliding window is easy to open when reaching over sinks and kitchen counter. Some people find sliding windows easier and faster to open than casement windows. What’s more, sliding windows open without using any exterior space, they work well in areas next to walkways, patios or other places where you wouldn’t want a window (such as a Casement Window) to protrude and hit your neighbours.





Windows & Grilles sliding windows feature interlocking sashes for increased window strength.    The aluminium track on which the sash slides is fitted with the following safety devices to prevent sliding sashes from jumping track.


Safety Devices:

1.  Stoppers at top of window outer frame, minimum 1 stopper per sliding panel width and repeat the same          along the track.

2.  Aluminium angle strip at the bottom of window outer frame.

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