Wrought Iron Grilles

Looking for an ornamental look for your exterior of your home? Use Wrought Iron Grilles. Wrought Iron is highly flexible and yet consists of very durable elements, which makes it possible to be transformed into different shapes and patterns.

wrought iron grilles


Beautiful European art design, involving abstract patterns such as moons, stars, flowers, leaves, etc are readily available for selection.

  • Color : Antique bronze gold, antique bronze silver, antique copper, antique silver, ivory white, black, black-green and more.
  • Anti-rust : Anti-rust paint, spray zinc, hot-dip galvanized.

wrought iron grilles


Decorative Wrought Iron Grilles help to boost the appeal of your home from inside as well as outside. At the same time these can be designed in a way that will help to reinforce the security of one’s home.

A good design must also pair with the purpose of having gates or grilles, which is having security for your house. With your safety in mind, our order-to-make service using these highly durable metals allow us to fit our grilles and doors perfectly to the size of your window frames or entrances. So, if you need something that stops intruders but want it to also look great as well, you can have the option of having it Fixed or an easy Key Lock mechanism.

wrought iron grilles