Windows Maintenance Tips



  • Check rivets and screws and if they are made of aluminium, they should be replaced with stainless steel ones.
  • Clean and remove dirt from the joints/moveable parts such as the hinges, sliding shoes, and track, at least twice a year.
  • Lubricate or grease these areas, as well as the pivoting points at least once every 6 months.
  • Check the action of the windows, clear the stiffness by applying light oil or spray lubricant to the joints/moveable parts and then open and close the windows several times.
  • Check the glass panes for cracks or loose panes.
  • If any part of the window (e.g. rivets, screws, safety catch, roller, rubber gasket that holds the glass pane) is loose/corroded/missing, you should engage an approved window contractor to repair the window. The repair work should ensure that:
    • The moveable parts are properly and securely attached to the fixed frame of the window.
    • All loose screws are tightened.