…reduced the noise disturbances effectively around my flat…..

The unexpected noise pollution from the road adjacent to and factory opposite my new flat, was causing distress to my family, particularly at night when one is to supposed to be restfully asleep. From the point of contact to solutioning to windows installation, the entire process took less than two weeks, but it reduced the noise disturbances effectively around my flat to a minimum level. 

Despite structural constraints, the team at Windows & Grilles was able to devise an effective solution for all of my three bedrooms. And the great thing is, the windows are of good quality and look presentable. Many thanks to Louis and his family for helping us! I would highly recommend the company’s services and products to anyone who is looking for effective solutions in soundproofing their rooms/houses.

Siew Yiin

Ubi Ave 1

MBR-3 soundproof window